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Mountain Law Corporation Services Real Estate

Real Estate
& Mortgages

At Mountain Law Corporation, we understand the ins and outs of home mortgaging, buying, and selling. Let our dedicated team, operating under the name “Mountain Conveyancing”, help simplify these matters for you.

The process of buying a home is almost everyone’s single biggest purchase in life and is often one of the most stressful experiences. A knowledgeable real estate lawyer can assist in complementary ways to the services a real estate agent and mortgage broker can provide.

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Mortgaging
  • Closing Adjustments
  • Taxes
  • First-Time Buyers
  • Non-Resident Buyer
  • Non-Resident Sellers
  • Strata Ownership
  • Using Powers of Attorney
  • Whistler’s Property Types
  • Title Insurance

Wills, Estates & Personal Planning

When a loved one passes on, what’s left behind does not need to be complicated, stressful, or tedious for the deceased’s survivors to sort out. Mountain Law Corporation can help you set up the legal and binding documents you need so that your intentions for your beneficiaries are followed according to your wishes.


  • Dying without a Will
  • Distribution
  • Executor
  • Requirements
  • The Lawyer’s Role

Representation Agreements

  • Naming the Representative
  • Duties of Representatives
  • Formalities of an RA
  • Termination of an RA
  • Monitor

Powers of Attorney

  • Naming the Attorney
  • Duties of Attorneys
  • Formalities of an EPA
  • Termination of EPA

Nominations of
Committee Probate
and Administration

  • Executor’s / Administrator’s Duties
  • Executor’s Fees
  • Probate Fees
  • Lawyer’s Role
  • Lawyer’s Fees

Estate Planning Wills Variations Trusts

  • Inter-Vivos / Living Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts

Proposed New Laws

Business Law

Mountain Law Corporation can help you navigate through the multi-faceted world of business law to help you keep all of your bases covered.
Our team can assist you with:
  • Organizational Considerations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Being a Company Director
  • Intellectual Property Matters
  • Succession Planning
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Construction Agreements
Mountain Law Corporation Services Business Law
Mountain Law Corporation Services General Civil Ligitation

General Civil Litigation

If you have sustained injury or financial loss because another party has not fulfilled their part of a contract or agreed-to obligation, our team can help you recover your losses and seek restitution from them.
There are three different courts where a civil claim can be commenced in B.C.:
  • Small Claims Court (www.smallclaimsbc.ca) involves most matters of up to $35,000 and is very layperson-oriented, though lawyers do appear.
  • Federal Court Trial Division (www.fct-cf.gc.ca) is administered by the Canadian government and is where tax, trademark/patents, and admiralty (shipping) claims originate.
  • Supreme Court (www.supremecourtbc.ca) hears claims over $35,000 other than those designated for Federal Court or where specific laws require tribunals to be the decision-making venue.
  • Commencing legal action has strict timelines depending on the type of claim and law involved. There are also precise rules about when to respond to legal action.
If you need assistance with either process, with commencing or defending a civil claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Personal Injury
& ICBC Law

Our associate litigation counsel has decades of experience in assisting our clients to achieve very positive outcomes on the often difficult path of personal injury law.

For claims involving ICBC in particular, there is a specific process involving the appointment of an adjustor after one’s claims report is submitted. Remember that the adjustor is working for ICBC and is looking out for the employer’s best interests. At an early stage, a claimant will be asked to sign a release of his or her medical and employment history.

BEFORE you sign anything, consult our knowledgeable counsel to establish the extent of your rights. It might be that some of your background should be kept confidential, so we can decide what is relevant and should or should not be submitted.

FURTHER, any offer by ICBC to settle your claim should be scrutinized carefully with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Not only is it important that the amount of the offer is reviewed in regards to your damages and losses, but so is the timing. It may be too early for you to know the full extent of your injuries, so your desire for a quick settlement may often mean that ultimately the settlement is not fair.

We will assist you in the negotiation process, either before or during the trial or mediation. But act as soon as possible to contact us, because there is a fairly short time limit to pursue a claim.

Mountain Law Corporation Services Personal Injury ICBC Law

Notarial Services

Some documents are not considered legal and/or binding until they have been notarized.

The lawyers at Mountain Law Corporation, who are also notaries, will gladly witness your signature(s) and place the appropriate seal and/or stamp on your documents as required by law to make them official. Generally, our fees are $50 plus taxes for one document, but for more than one the terms are negotiable. Contact us for an appointment.

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