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If you have sustained injury or financial loss because another party has not fulfilled their part of a contract or agreed-to obligation, our team can help you recover your losses and seek restitution from them.

There are three different courts where a civil claim can be commenced in B.C.:

Small Claims Court ( involves most matters of up to $25,000 and is very layperson oriented, though lawyers do appear.

Federal Court Trial Division ( is administered by the Canadian government and is where tax, trademark / patents and admiralty (shipping) claims originate.

Supreme Court ( hears claims over $25,000 other than those designated for Federal Court or where specific laws require tribunals to be the decision-making venue.

Commencing legal action has strict timelines depending on the type of claim and law involved. There are also precise rules about when to respond to legal action.

If you need assistance with either process, with commencing or defending a civil claim, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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